Thursday, May 29, 2014

Certified Constitutional Candidates

Press Release - May 29, 2014 
Contact: Israel Teitelbaum: 973-820-6121

Constitutional Voters:

Will you take 10 minutes to change the face of Congress and restore Constitutional Government?

Please spread the news: New Jersey now has eight Congressional Candidates who have taken the pledge for limited government, lower taxes, personally controlled healthcare and Parental choice in education.

They include candidates for the House of Representatives from NJ's Districts 1,2,7,9,11 and 12, and two candidates for U.S. Senate. You can find them here.

By informing ten of your contacts and asking them to do the same, we can potentially reach one million people in six day leading up to the June 3rd Primary. Here's how:

Day One: 10
Day Two: 100
Day Three: 1,000
Day Four: 10,000
Day Five: 100,000
Day Six: 1,000,000 

What are we waiting for? Let's do it in memory of those who gave their lives for our liberty!    "United we stand!"


Please pass this on to ALL YOUR CONTACTS IN THE USA, as this is critical to save our ship of state!

Despite the common belief that we still have freedom of the press, political news is being suppressed - even by "Conservative Talk Radio." Repeated attempts to contact most, if not all, of the tri-state talk shows, about a massive conservative challenge to the political establishment in Washington is being met with a wall of silence.

Eight Congressional Challengers - among the 13 seats being contested in New Jersey - have taken the pledge to do all they can in support of the United States Constitution, limited government, lower taxes, individual controlled health care and parental choice in education (for D.C. and Army Bases).

Please see this 3-minute video, hosted by Rick Van Glahn, Republican challenger in NJ's 11th Congressional District, which includes Morristown, where thousands rallied at the Green to protest runaway government. He describes the political crisis now facing the American People, and what he and seven fellow Constitutional Candidates will to do about it - with your help.

If you agree that this is newsworthy, please pass this on to every American who yearns to restore America to its former greatness, where the United States Constitution reigns supreme, with liberty and justice for all.
"United we stand!"  
Israel Teitelbaum, Secretary
New Jersey Taxpayers's Association