Monday, October 10, 2016

With $Billions More At Stake, A Forensic Audit Of the TTF, NJ Transit and Port Authority Is A Necessary First Step.

On Friday, Demand “No Bailout” Without Insight and Accountability Occurring First

October 6, 2016

The New Jersey Taxpayers Association (NJTPA) asks, “Where is the Money?”

Friday’s New Jersey legislature vote is premature.  As it may burden the average New Jersey family with one of the largest tax increases in state history,  legislators need a forensic audit for all transit monies before grabbing for more.

No responsible legislator can, with honesty and compassion, vote to increase the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon without knowing where all the money has gone.  The “cost drivers” must be assessed and addressed before the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is bailed out.  We have legislators pointing out that New Jersey’s road construction is the most expensive in the nation.  The PATH trains run a $400,000,000 deficit.  New Jersey's contracts for road maintenance require outrageous and inefficient work processes.

The Governor has done nothing to remedy inefficient and costly operations.  Legislators owe this no respect – gain the insight from a forensic audit and “fix first” before borrowing more.

New Jersey collects more toll money than any other state but New York.  Commuters have seen Hudson River crossing tolls almost double.  The Garden State Parkway tolls were to be dismantled long ago.  And gas tax revenues have doubled with the current gas tax.  Where is all of this money going and why is it never enough?

How can leadership call for a vote without fixing the wasteful spending first?  The NJTPA asks for common sense to prevail - not politics as usual. First perform a forensic audit before shaking down the taxpayer.

Legislators are acting like debt addicts: knowing there is a problem but crazed and seeking a new generational “debt fix”.  New Jersey needs a forensic audit to end this debt cycle. 

Any legislator, regardless of party, who seeks to vote on a gas tax without a forensic audit has lost track of history.  Only more waste and a larger debt will result.

Taxpayers have had enough. The gas tax is the proverbial line in the sand where taxpayers unite, stand and fight, tooth and claw to return New Jersey to sanity.  Today, call on your Senator and Assemblyman to vote “NO” until there is a forensic audit.