Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ruling Class

We the People


To break through a strong, reinforced stone wall, requires a powerful battering ram. The same applies to political walls, such as the one that prevents the 99-percent of us to overcome the one-percent who comprise the Ruling Class – a conglomerate of millionaires, billionaires, union bosses, politicians and entities “too big to fail.” The approaching November 3rd election provides New Jerseyans the opportunity to use our political clout as a battering ram to tear down this wall!

The battering ram brings together all available power and focuses it all on one spot of the wall – preferably a weak spot, if indeed there is a weak spot. The weakest spot in the insidious political wall that stands between the Ruling Class and We the People, is the one that stands between parents and the education of their children. The substandard public schools that are destroying lives every day, at a cost three times what it could, are a direct result of this government intrusion between parents and their children. New Jerseyans of all stripes and political persuasions can add maximum power and help tear down this wall by prevailing on their NJ State Legislators (800-792-8630) to champion universal school choice legislation to empower all parents to send their children to quality schools of their choice for a fraction of current costs, and reduce property taxes, such as the NJ Parental Rights and Property Tax Reduction Act (S1106/A1785).

Restoring liberty in such a vital area - the education of our children - will serve as a major breakthrough for liberty in all areas that government has been intruding into our lives. This will inevitably usher in the boundless blessings that can only come from liberty and justice.