Monday, October 26, 2015

Roseff: Your True Independent for Freeholder

“INDEPENDENT”. I embrace that thought.  And that word has extra meaning here in party-machine run Sussex County.  My run for County Freeholder as an Independent seeks not only your vote but also your support to make it happen.

No Republican Party Boss is going to convince me that a Wall Street-style scam operation disguised as “solar” was in your interest.  There is no Democratic Party boss to tell me that government has a right to be in your face all the time.  A vote for me is… well, your declaration of independence from big, crony government caretakers.

I’ve lived in Sussex County for 32 years and in that time I’ve been active in political matters that required intricate knowledge of how our system works and doesn’t work.  It’s pushed me around, but I’ve effectively pushed back by building coalitions and knowledgeably using the tools available to the public.  Let me put my skills and experience to work for you to begin to bring about much-needed changes in County government.

We’ve had awful Party Boss county leadership for years. – Even the solar bailout was delivered from a Morris County Republican Party Boss.  When Medicare wanted hospitals to deliver more quality, and penalized them for not doing so, Sussex County saw this as an opportunity to fight this effort and to featherbed and crony-up to corporate interests at your expense through the “feel-good”, put-you-to-sleep program called “Transitional Healthcare”.  And our county level 9-1-1 program has become a disaster – your 911 call was always answered in the past, but now it costs $1,000,000/yr extra at the County level for no real improvement.  More than half the families in Sussex County now pay twice for this ill-defined and poorly implemented 9-1-1 program (e.g. Vernon, Sparta, Hopatcong, Byram, Newton, Hardyston,…). And single bids abound on many county projects – recently the County even ignored local contractors to enter into a backroom contract for the latest solar bailout, and has suffered ethical conflicts in a disgraceful single-bid SCCC procurement.

I am your Freeholder candidate promise for real independence from the Party Bosses.

I’m running against Carl Lazzaro, a party designate who somehow now finds it appropriate to throw rocks at the solar bailout, yet it was he who put Fredon into this very same solar fiasco – foolishly reaching for a rainbow that flushed the taxpayer.  He was there in the beginning, willing to pay 9.35 cents/kwh after Somerset County paid 4.1 and Morris County paid 6.7.  All of Sussex County was to save $180,000/yr, and for this small risk-laden sum Lazzaro was willing to borrow an absurd $28million. 

Lazzaro then totally abdicated his public responsibility to the taxpayer by not just voting for, but by signing the first of three bailouts, this one being solar bailout Amendment I.  At the critical point when the bankers of Sunlight sought to avoid paying their first, yes - their very FIRST - lease payment, Amendment I removed any remaining effective taxpayer protections against the Wall Street bankers of Sunlight. 

Worse, by signing Amendment I, Mr. Lazzaro also waived his right of consent to future solar project matters.  He now asks for an investigation – but he held the door open for the foxes to enter the henhouse.  He gave up his consensual power to stop the nonsense.

Now is the time for the taxpayers to finally end this Party Boss selection process.  And I represent the only promise of true “independence” in this race.

My business life has provided me with solid contracting experience in NASA, Defense Department and other government entities as well as with private industry expertise on what can and cannot be better performed in Sussex County government. I’ve been active in municipal government oversight for many years and am well versed in the operation of government.  I am a straight talking creative thinker, and am both willing and able to listen,  represent and advance public interests that require a strong backbone to prevail.

I have no party to call upon for support and funding, so I am asking for your help to spread the word for Independence.  And on November 3, vote for independence from the Party Bosses by voting for “Harvey Roseff – Your True Independent” for Freeholder.

Harvey Roseff
Tel 973-551-5050  
Roseff – Independent for Freeholder

Byram Township