Thursday, January 16, 2014

NEw Jersey Taxpayer Alliance Commentary

The following is a re-posting of a message received from Jerry Cantrell, President, NJ Taxpayers Alliance, regarding Gov. Christie's State of the State message.  I fully agree with Jerry's commentary on the issue.


I thought the Gov came off particularly well and provided a strong platform from which to go forward.  

He dealt with this past week’s missteps in a professional manner and moved quickly to the issues which he was there for. 

The most interesting aspect, I believe, was the reference to another round of pension reform.  The majority leaders in the legislature are up in arms on that issue as they addressed in the post response presser.

·       Sen. Sweeney seems particularly incensed saying revisiting the issue is a non-starter.  Guess we’ll see.
·       I also think the sick pay issue is poised to be addressed with a very tight budget expected and I’m assuming that an income tax will be a center point as we’ve heard previously.

The unique positioning of “Choice” also offers up many opportunities for some real positive changes that have eluded us for many years, whether related to education or a variety of other policy areas. 

All in all it should provide ample opportunities for getting out front on some key economic issues in the coming months".



In addition to posting Jerry's message, I am taking this opportunity to post a link to New Jersey Taxpayers Alliance, so that our members, and other readers, can review the excellent presentation the NJTA did on their 2013 Taxpayer Legislative Scorecards.